HILTAR was established in 2010 in Eskişehir. It serves the agricultural sector as a producer of organic - organomineral liquid and granular fertilizers in its own facility.


Our company has started 100% domestic production in its 10.000 m² factory in Eskişehir in 2016 by developing the organic - organomineral (Granule - Powder - Liquid) fertilizer production technologies and projects needed by Turkish agriculture with the trainings it received abroad and due to its successful fertilizer production history.


It has developed itself optimally in terms of machine design and plant installation as a result of its R&D studies, suitable for all kinds of fertilizer production processes (Compost and Leonardite sourced Organic-Organomineral).


Our experienced engineer team has made HILTAR one of the leading companies in the sector by producing technical solutions open to new technologies in the fertilizer production sector, establishing an Organic and Organomineral Granule and Liquid fertilizer production facility obtained from Compost, which is a Biogas output.